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The Leader in Lean Cell Manufacturing Systems

Omega Automation has been designing and manufacturing LEAN production cells since 1984!  Lean cells are noted for their flexibility. They are often designed to run multiple part configurations and accommodate varying product volumes.  Changeovers can literally be done "on the fly" with some applications.  An added bonus is that the capital equipment investment is often lower than with more automated systems!

Omega has developed LEAN production cells for a number of industries and a variety of applications.  Below is a partial list of the products produced every day utilizing Omega lean cells!

     Brake Calipers
     Throttle Bodies
     Air Intake Manifolds
     Fuel Rails
     Air Bag Modules
     HVAC Blower and Heater Units
     Fuel Pumps
     Fuel Reservoirs
     Accumulator/Dehydrator Assemblies
     Brake Boosters
     ABS Modules
     Steering Gear Assemblies
     Adjustable Pedal Assemblies
     Plastic Vent and Fuel Hose Assemblies
     Shocks and Struts
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Seat Side Riveter

Lean cell workstations often include the following features to accomplish the cell's goals for throughput and product quality:

       Automatic part orientation
  Automatic part unload
       Automatic component verification
       Process poka-yokes
       Narrow machine footprint
       Adjustable work height
       Integrated component part presentation
       Task lighting

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