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Omega Automation - Innovators of Assembly Solutions

Omega Automation provides powerful solutions allowing your company to work better, faster and smarter.  We design and build equipment to boost your productivity and enhance your competitiveness.  The list below includes some of the equipment types we have provided.

     Lean Work Cells
  Indexing Dial Machines
     Precision Link Chassis Machines
     Synchronous Chassis Machines
     Palletized Assembly Systems
     Product Functional Testing Machines
     Flow and Leak Test Equipment
     Robotic Work Cells
     Fastening/Screw Driving Machines
     Integrated Material Handling Systems
     Dispensing Machines
     Presses - Air/Oil, Hydraulic, and Servo
     Vision Inspection Systems
     Air Bag Folding Machines
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Air Bag "Folder"
Air Bag "Folder"

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Quick Turnaround. Competitive Pricing.

Omega Automation has developed systems for a number of industries and a variety of applications.  Below is a partial list of the products, processes, and industries with which we are familiar.

Automotive Industry
     Fuel Rails
     Throttle Bodies and Intake Manifolds
     Brake System Components
     Wheel and Chassis Components
     HVAC System Components
     Adjustable Pedal Assemblies
     Air Bag Modules
     Safety Restraint System Components
     Solenoid Valves and Valve Modules
     Plastic Tube Swedging and Test
     Steering System Components
     Transmission Components

Other Industries
     Gas Regulator Assembly and Test
     Pressure Switch Assembly and Test
     Home Appliance Assembly and Test
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Strut Test Machine

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Solutions. Service. Satisfaction.

The process begins when our applications department thoroughly analyzes your requirements and proposes a "customized" solution.  Upon your approval of the final concept, a team of engineers, designers and technicians is assigned to transform the concept into a design.  Following a series of well-defined steps, the design emerges as a finished product.  We control every phase of the project "in-house" so we can assure you fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and exceptional quality.

When you choose Omega, your involvement is encouraged at every level of your project's development.  The Omega project engineer is a single point of contact for project status, equipment installation, warranty service and field service.

Omega Automation also offers quality  service to our customers in Europe through our partnership with H&B OMEGA Europa.

Let Omega help your company work Better, Faster and Smarter!

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